Thursday, November 14, 2013

Blake's first ER visit. Welcome to the Club.

(Hayley has yet to be a member.)

Monday, November 11th, 2013. Veteran's Day. Jeremy had off.

The time was 6:30pm, and Blake's left thumb got amputated by the hinge side of the door in between the kitchen & garage.

Good chunk of thumb. Contained the top piece of thumb bone. Nail, complete with nail bed.

Having been through a similar thing almost exactly two years ago with Seth, only different door & different finger, we fell into step with what needed to happen.

Put pressure on wound. Collect tip and put in bag with ice. (Missed that step last time and Jeremy had to come back for it after KV found it.)

Call Jess (she didn't know what she was getting into moving so close, haha), pass out instructions to kids while collecting things to take to hospital. (Broken child, diaper bag, purse, favorite blanket, amputated tip.)

I passed B back to Jeremy so I could take out Seth's car seat to be able to sit by Blake and continue pressure. Jess pulled up just then.

We left and arrived at ER. Checked in and waited. Got called, and showed off tip in bag; nurse still wanted to see.

Got taken to a room. A different nurse came in and checked his wound out. Said he would need x-rays and I questioned if they were really needed. Explaining that this has happened before and it didn't seem like the x-rays taken last time really did anything except make a big mess. (Jeremy was the lucky one for that with Seth, I couldn't be in there due to being pregnant with Blake.)

She seemed sure that they would be needed, but said she would ask the Dr. Then started to ask about our insurance.

It's not about the money, I wanted to say. It's about the time that tip is waiting to be put back on. It's about putting our kid through an unnecessary additional pain that really isn't going to contribute to solving the problem.

I didn't say those things though, I could tell she wouldn't be swayed.

A different nurse came in and wanted to see. I told her she could look at the tip in the bag. She did and then left.

Staff member came in to collect insurance info.

X-ray nurse came back in to say she was sure we would have to have them, etc.

Then she came back and said there was a hand surgeon already in the ER due to someone before us needing his services.


He came in not too long after and said no x-rays were needed, that he could see better with his own eyes. He & a new nurse prepped the tools needed. Another new nurse came, and together the two nurses and I held Blake wrapped up in a blanket on the bed. After he got the two numbing shots at the base of his thumb, Blake was very docile actually. No crying the entire time he got stitched.

He kept looking around at everyone, and I kept talking to him and stroking his head, and he'd occasionally watch the stitching with interest. I chatted a bit with the nurses & Dr. It was all very casual. The Dr. took before and after pics of the thumb and joked that he would post them to fb; we laughed, and he said he always says that.

He seemed very confident in his ability, claimed he had never lost a finger. He also had competency to back up his words, as he did a great job stitching up Blake. Blake gets a little goofy when he's tired, and it was past his bedtime at this point; he started doing this funny head tilt at the end of the stitching that I started copying, and he was laughing and doing it more. Good patient.

When Seth got stitched two years ago, I actually held him in my lap and the Dr. stitched him like that. Another calm patient.

Ada, four years ago, not so calm. Her finger stitching (not door-caused) caused her to fight like crazy (which makes me wonder if the numbing agent was not administered correctly?) and it took myself and another nurse to hold her down with all our strength. I was completely exhausted after that one. For Seth's head stitching a year ago he did really well, no wiggling. So we've had four ER visits for stitches, and one ER visit for Seth's broken collar bone this past summer. Seth is obviously winning, 3-1-1-0.

Blake has to take antibiotics due to the bone being involved (no bone involved with Seth's finger); I have to give it to him four times a day. He actually really enjoys taking it, it's the funniest thing. I've had to give him the pain med twice now, Monday night and Wednesday night, when the pain was getting to him and he just couldn't sleep. I slept with him the first two nights, and last night he slept in his bed and was fine, so hoping that is the case from here on out. He does well during the day, is back to his old playful self. Was noticeably tired the first two days. We change his dressing every night before bed. It's looking well. Going to take three weeks to know if the top has been accepted back or not. Praying that it is!

I just can't get over God providing that hand surgeon, what a blessing. Otherwise we would have been in for quite a longer wait, and we may not have gotten a hand specialist.

I feel like we're one of those families who has a bunch of kids and exciting injury stories to tell. But then other people tell me their stories, and ours seem so tame.

Jess did my huge pile of dishes for me, which was really nice! KV did that two years ago too. I feel bad for them because they both had to endure some nastiness. (i.e. dishes that had been sitting there for quite awhile, if you get my drift.) They're good friends!

Speaking of, I'm off to do some dishes now, because I've been keeping up with them this week. Which has been awesome, because having a clean kitchen makes me want to bake, and that is therapeutic for me. And also not having a looming pile of dishes = better emotional state of health. Although, while that is the case, I do get other stuff done because I don't want to spend time in my kitchen. But, having a clean kitchen is definitely setting the scale in the right direction.

Blake's week: day one, Tuesday. Didn't let him play with the kids. Too scary, and they were all so wound up. He spent some time catching up on sleep, playing by himself, in the Ergo on me, or sitting with Daddy. Day two, Wednesday. Eased him back into playing with others, one on one. Any more than that and parents would freak out, lol. Today: back to playing as normal, except with strict rules. Such as, no chasing Blake, even though he really wants you to chase him. Stuff like that. We must protect the thumb!!!

He can't play outside until it's healed, we just can't risk getting sand or dirt past the bandaging, which would totally happen because that's all he plays in.

Jeremy has been awesome and really stepped up in making sure I haven't been too stressed out, and helping out with the kids, etc. He's a good dad. We could totally have more kids, but we probably totally won't, LOL. 


Liv G said...

What are the odds!? Wow! Prayers for complete healing for little Blake! You are an amazing mama to stay calm and be able to smile and laugh ♥

Tanya said...

Aw Blake!!!! Totally sounds like my family when we were all young though! Injuries galore! I'm the only one who hasn't had an ER/Ambulance ride, so keep on truckin' Hayley!

Debbi said...

I have thought about you and your family so often since I heard what happened. I'm so glad to hear that he did so well in the ER and that things are looking good.

Jean Pommier said...

Speechless with all your adventures... and the calm you are taking them with... God keep blessing you all! :-)