Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Birthday Boy, Part 1

On the 2nd Seth turned three! Here is he that morning, freshly awake, with not one, but two blankie bears! Snuggly Seth. 

Sister love:

The four. I really like this pic! Ada cracks me up.

The boys happily playing blocks and posing for the camera. A rare sighting, two boys playing at home, caught smiling and looking at the camera simultaneously. 

Seth is a talker, don't be fooled. He may have two older sisters, but he's got them beat! Also classic about this pic, Blake intentionally will make this face for the camera at times, and then laugh and smile. Characters, all of them. 

The girls made pictures for Seth on his B-day! He really liked them.

Doing art with the girls.

Hayley made him a super hero mask...

Breakfast: waffles! 

Daddy got home from his run and it was time to open presents! Seth loved them all. Not pictured but just as loved, was a wooden semi w/trailer that hauled a backhoe. I had accidently opened the package earlier in the week and Seth was right there and saw it before I could hide it. The kid couldn't concentrate on anything else (including eating!) so I decided to just let him have an early present. He slept with it that night...

To clarify, he wasn't whining about not having it or anything, he understood it was for his birthday, but he just couldn't stop thinking and talking about it. The kid loves vehicles. 

November can be one of the best times to go to the beach! 

Seth's first pick: helicopter ride with Ada. 

Hey look, Uncle Ben came back! Jk, jk. 

We went on to find out that a good portion of the boardwalk was closed, which includes most of the kid rides at the end!! Hayley still had a ride to pick, so with options limited, she chose bumper cars with Dad. There was one more ride Seth could have ridden, but it was a good wait for bumper cars and everyone was getting hungry, so after this one everyone opted to eat.

Not quite tall enough buddy.

We'll see if he's still smiling when this is the scene at 16. 

Bumper car team pose:

Out to the wharf!

The kids cannot keep their hands off of these. 

Love this one of Ada! 

Happy Birthday, Seth! We all love you!!

If it seems like this post ended abruptly, you're right, it did. Stay tuned tomorrow for some ice cream laughs! 

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Seth! Great shots of all the kiddos! :)