Thursday, January 29, 2015


Took the kids for an Alviso loop today after school. Thursday afternoons are always a toss up with the girls, since they stay up late Wednesday nights. Sometimes Thursday can be ok and then Friday not so much. Ada still takes an occasional nap; Hayley sometimes needs to, but she has a really hard time falling asleep in the middle of the day, so I just try and get the kids to bed early. 

Anyways, pics from today!

The road in some sections around where these machines were parked were pretty bumpy with the tire tracks and clumps of dirt, which made for some interesting red chariot pushing! 

First of two short snack breaks. Kept it short as I knew we'd be racing the sun at the end. 

And this is where things started falling apart. The girls raced down that little bump, and Hayley's chain came off and she lost control of her bike and almost crashed. Thankfully, no crash. I had a wrench and could have fixed it, but I'm not super fast, and I was worried about our daylight consumption. Had Hayley jog with it about 20 feet, then I threw it on top of the jogging stroller--we still had at least 1.5 miles to go.

With about a mile to go Ada broke down and shed some tears, she was done. We had to keep going though. Ada is tough, and she got it done. I asked her at home if she was glad we went out there, and she was. Seems like the girls get a sense of accomplishment from these outings, as well as getting to see the sights and ride their bikes. Good thing Hayley can run as well as bike!

The boys have it so easy in the red chariot, although they now sometimes start to annoy each other with their feet because they have energy. Someday they'll be out on their bikes too, and then who is going to carry the snacks & water? Maybe each kid will use their little backpack or something like that.

When we got back to the parking lot the darkness was closing in, and the site host wheeled over on his bike and said the gate would be closing in a few minutes--he was very nice and held it for us so we could drive out of the parking lot. Didn't know it closed at 6pm, but now I do!

Thankful that my legs felt good for this, that's what 5 days of rest will do; lovely views and good company--overall a good outing.

p.s. On the end part pushing the red chariot with Hayley's wheels on top and coaching Ada, I coined the term "Mom Tough", which is probably already a term or something, but it fit the moment.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Random First Post of the Year

Early this year on a crisp cool morning, I was walking home after dropping off the girls at school, pondering life.

As I exhaled I thought, this is the closest I get to smoking, exhaling on a cold day.

This is probably why Jeremy asks, "Did it hurt?" whenever I start off with, "I was thinking..."

Jeremy, his brother, and their dad: really good story tellers.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014: Elsa, Anna, Luigi, Mario

First thing in the morning:

After I got the braids in:

The boys & I went to the parade at school, but the rain descended, and all the kids went back into their rooms and the boys and I ran home. 

Girls assembling bags--Chick tracts & candy!

Ready to go trick-or-treating! I put knit hats on the boys to see if that would help keep their other hats in place, and it did. 

Trick-or-treating went so well this year since Blake & Seth were a year older. They had the routine down! And were able to walk a lot farther. I had chicken pot pie in the oven, so we wet t-or-t for awhile and then had a late dinner, worked out well. Then put the boys to bed and the girls and I went out a little bit longer, then they hit the sack. The girls helped pass out candy during dinner which ended up being the peak time around 7:30, that worked out well!

The funniest thing of the night was this older woman trying to figure out what the boys were. She's like, "Osh Kosh.............. red & green hats................."; I pondered on that and figured it made sense. Unless she had a grandkid that was into Mario she wouldn't have any idea.

Their costumes were cheap! Already had the overalls & red shirt; the hats I bought as a set off of Amazon for ten bucks, and then found a cheap green shirt. Done!

I would say Elsa was the reigning champ for most costumes I saw today, at school and out t-or-ting. Anna coming in second.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Wedding in Kansas

As I mentioned in my previous post, we received an invitation to Jeremy's cousin's wedding that was to be the last weekend in September. It was the beginning of September. We talked it over, and we really wanted to go! We decided that Jeremy would go for sure, and then if we could hook up friends to watch kids, that I would go as well. Of course my mind went into overdrive of various plans and options; in the end Kassandra ended up taking the boys & Joylynn the girls. Huge thanks to them and their families for taking on the kiddos so I could go; this post would not be happening without them! 

Nice to fly again; it had been 4.5 years! 
As we passed over Colorado, I had a feeling we'd be there for running someday. We have already talked about that actually. Time will tell!

The wedding was Sunday night. We got up early on Saturday and dropped off the kids, then went to the airport; arrived in Kansas that evening and Jeremy's dad treated us to dinner as it was Jeremy's birthday! His parents were super stoked to be celebrating his birthday with him! 

Mercy Fam was also there too! Nathan, Jenny, Alex, Addison.

We've been friends for a long, long time. At least since we were 10. Possibly when we were 9. 

Nathan, Jenny's husband, refers to her as "The Hotness". I always get a kick out of that! They're pretty perfect for each other. 

Sunday morning, on our way to church; thank you Jeremy for stopping and letting me take a selfie with you! 

My bro, Daniel, and my dad. Daniel is being silly since I'm taking his pic; if only he knew how many more were to come...

The Jaeger Fam! Love this pic! Jason, Joy, Hannah, Quinn, Henry.

Joy & I have also been friends for a long time! She's next in line after Jeremy, then Jenny, Jillian & Josh. 

Bro Dan again with Jeremy.

My dad leading the singing; my nephew Henry who I adore is trying to escape to Aunt Joanne wants to look at my camera.

Nieces Hannah & Quinn with their Sunday School artwork. I love having nieces & nephews! 

Love Jillian's hair right now! 

Went over to my parents' house for a little bit Sunday afternoon in between church and the wedding. Hadn't seen the house yet since they painted! Reminded me a bit of the first house we lived in (the color).

Just showing the empty lot across the street. Lots of moments of kicking the soccer ball around there. We moved here the very end of my 8th grade year. I just realized I only lived here for five years, that's trippy! 

Another selfie with Jillian at the farm, where the wedding was being held. (At Uncle Paul & Aunt Robin's farm.) Technically Jeremy's uncle & aunt, but totally mine too not just from being married to Jeremy, but because we've known each other since I was born. 

Many, many memories here!

The groom, Eric! I remember when he was a baby! Now he's 6'9".

The brothers, Jeremy & Josh. They tight.

Beef, it's what's for dinner.

I like this shot!

Daniel & Jeremy, laughing about something.

Jenny, hairstylist extraordinaire! She did officially graduate from the hair academy, she's legit. She was good before that, too. She did the bride & bridesmaids' hair for the wedding.

Quinn was the flower girl!

Daniel & I. He's doing the eye thing again, silly bro!

That Henry loves his momma!

Chris, family friend who is like an uncle; friend to Jeremy's parents back in the days of Austria, and their friendship still burns strongly! He also married Jason & Joy. He's got a great sense of humor!

This car swing is where Jeremy asked me on our first date. May 2000. Another piece of evidence of God's orchestrating. I was supposed to be at camp, but had to wait a couple of days due to a check up after getting my wisdom teeth taken out. Joy & Jenny were at camp! Nicely played, Jeremy Johnson.


Sisters + Henry.

My youngest bro, Ben! Also the tallest, 6'6". I'm 5'7", the shortest & oldest. 

Having fun:

Daniel being official:

One year olds are active creatures. 

Quinn did great at flower girling! 

The pic that really matters: the kiss!!

So many cool things in this pic. 

Because Batman clip on tie. He's a tad obsessed. 

In the congratulating line:

The newest Johnson couple, Eric & Paola! 

Thankful for this picture with them!


I like Jillian's pose in this one. 

Brotherly love. I realized after getting home I didn't get a selfie with Charles, oops! 

Alex with Aunt Jillian.

Man circle:

Jenny was telling us a story about a woman whose mom passed away, and she went to find a picture of them together for the funeral and could not find a recent one. So thus the next three pictures:

Miss Kansas sunsets!

Eat lots of grass, little one!

Alex loves bugs. And animals. He's got so many facts inside that head about living creatures!

The wedding was on Uncle Paul's birthday, so he was presented with a birthday cake of his own!

The dinner was really yummy. Paola's family cooked up some authentic deliciousness which we packed down with vigor!

Really, really thankful that we were both able to go and have this memory together, and get to see some family too. God provided THE perfect weather for the wedding, what a blessing. We were back home and with kids by Monday evening. Missed them, but also really enjoyed getting to experience the wedding without having to worry about keeping an eye on them. A good getaway!

Aunt Pat & Aunt Marlene, love you two and wished I could have seen you both, but I knew our time was going to be short. Carrie & Elijah, missed you both too! And I hope to meet Monica in the future, Daniel. Dad & Mom, should have gotten a picture with you! Glad I came over to visit for a little bit.  Grandpa & Grandma Johnson, wish I had gotten a better picture of you two, mine turned out a little fuzzy; great to see you both! Johnson parents, thanks for having us. Kassandra & Joylynn, thanks again! A memory for a lifetime. Congratulations, Eric & Paola!