Thursday, February 26, 2015

5.8 miles at Rancho; another throwback to hair.

Jan. 22nd, a run at Rancho. Here's what I wrote on Strava:
"We start off, and there are a couple of women that are starting out at the same time. They take off jogging ahead of me. Then start walking. I pass them. Same thing again. They jog past me and walk in front of me, so I passed them again. They passed me again, and I was like, I am not dealing with this all the way to the farm, I just cannot. Detour gave me some extra mileage. Out at the turnaround point at halfway, I chatted with a guy my dad's age about kids and parenthood. He has one daughter, 35. He said his wife told him that if he wanted any more kids he was going to have to get a new wife. He stuck with her, good man. He told me some days kids make you want to strangle the sh*t out of them, and other days they melt you in a puddle. He told me to enjoy these days as they go by fast! Cool guy. Checked out the farm of course with the boys, and then guess who we ran across on the way back--those two. I made a quick pass and didn't look back, and thankfully that was the end of that! Tired at the end for sure. Happy with the mileage I got in today, it was tough at times. Mostly on the way out when the grade is uphill."

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Throwback to Jan. & hair.

Jan. 24th, the whole family went to Skyline for a hike/run. Jeremy hiked with the younger three to the pond and back, while Hayley and I ran farther to do a loop at Russian Ridge and back. Very cool--we finished at the same time! 

Here are pictures that Jeremy took from their hike: 

Hayley and I had a good run together; I really enjoy running with her! My only regret was the shorts I chose to wear. 5" compression shorts that were riding up the entire time and so I was tugging them down the whole time. They lost their chance to ever leave the house again. Unless it's in a donation bag. I'm giving them one more chance at pilates or tae-bo. Last year I had worn them on a really long flat run. They had ridden up some, but I felt like after I got sweaty they stayed in place better. Plus I was running behind the jogging stroller and hardly anyone was out. Running up and down hills they seemed so much worse. Live and learn, as they say. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

6 (!) miles with the boys at Rancho.

First off, it's my MIL's birthday today, so I want to wish Mom Johnson a Happy Birthday!

Took the boys on a hike today at Rancho, as I haven't taken them hiking there yet! We've been on the flat path countless times to the farm. Actually, they have been hiking there before when we've gone as a family, but they probably don't remember. First time for mom & sons hike here, how about that. 

Equestrian parking lot was full, so we parked in the RC aircraft lot. They started off with lots of energy.

First sighting of water:

They climbed a few trees on the hike. Pretended they were aircraft or a vehicle of some kind. Imaginations were fully engaged on this hike. 

I forgot the farm is closed on Mondays, but you can see most of it from the main path, so they still got to enjoy seeing the animals. 

Heading back out to the trails.

After one of our last hikes, I was looking through the hiking pictures with Blake, and he started asking where I was. So on this hike, I made sure to set the timer when I remembered, and got myself in a pic! 

It wouldn't be a normal boy hike if they didn't pick up sticks at some point. Today their sticks became guns and construction tools. They were drilling locks or something like that in the next pic.

I let them have their playtime along the way, and took some scenic shots. I realized when I moved on a little bit they would follow and pick up their game a little farther on up the hill. We yo-yoed like that for a bit on the climb up the High Meadow Trail. 

Lots of deer out on this nice day! It is still, after 9 years, weird to me that the deer feel comfortable this close to people. 

Made it to the scenic spot! A place for Mom to sit--and look, it's even engraved!

Time for some downhill.

Matching little owies from falls. Yes, Blake has big hands. 

They were so excited to find this car!!

Also excited about this grove of trees to play in right next to the car. One of them became a pirate ship. 

This trail follows the stream and is very scenic; one of Jeremy & I's favorites at Rancho! 

They said it was cold. 

They like climbing. 

We had about a mile left at this point, and I decided to carry Blake for .81 of it--because we were running out of time to get home to pick up the girls from school! We just made it. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

V-Day Afternoon

Spoiler alert, winner pictured above ^^^^^^^^

It's pretty awesome that the girls can set up the game themselves, so they did that while I tucked the boys in for their afternoon naps. 

Flowers from my neighbor friend, I like! Really brightens up the space. 

Trade build settle; the game of our generation. Who hasn't been tempted to put that on their bumper? It's a legit game.


The Johnson girls. I like hangin with the kids.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

An Un-Valentine Post

A couple of weeks ago the three oldest kids had a tv restriction for various choices. One night at dinner that week, Jeremy mentioned earning a show, and they told him how they couldn't. One of the three pointed out that Blake was the only one who could watch shows. I kid you not, this is what happened next: Blake threw up his hands in the air and exclaimed, "I am the best!"

Oh. My. Gosh.

Like out of a movie or something! I died laughing. The older three were fuming; the older the more steam. So good. Albeit a little scary at what the resident two year old comes up with sometimes.

Fast forward into this past week, same situation, although not at the dinner table and Jeremy was at work. The kids were talking after school and they found out about Seth's restriction; the oldest tightened up, looked at me and said between her teeth, "Blake is not the best!"

Really hit a sore spot.

The ironic thing is, the resident two year old has managed to shove several discs into the Wii.


Random picture from yesterday:

Friday, February 13, 2015

New territory at Alviso (Feb. 5th)

The rain was on its way for the weekend, and I wanted to put in some running miles. Out to Alviso we went. Only to find this:

Bummer sauce. Looks like no eight and a half mile loop today. I knew I could do a section of the loop for six to six and a half miles, but then I got partway and we decided to split off across the railroad tracks and explore new ground! This picture: we were taking a vote to go straight or turn right. R ftw.

I should mention that with the impending "storm" approaching, the wind was definitely a force to be reckoned with during certain times on this run. It was still fun though! 

Close up of the new Levi Stadium where the 49ers play.

Found this little area out in the middle of no where; I read what I could of the signs--a lot of bird poop everywhere! I did learn about what creatures are in these old salt ponds. It used to be all portioned off from the bay to harvest the salt, but now they are used for habitat restoration. I was most surprised to learn that there are sharks in the deeper parts. Don't worry, they're leopard sharks.

Bundled up for the ride. They enjoy exploring too. 

We passed right by this place; there was what looked like a homeschool tour going on with a guide outside of it. I'll have to bring the girls to check it out sometime. 

Anyone would have to walk a good distance to get to this bench. Maybe that's why it's there! 

Here is a picture of the loop we usually do, clockwise. (Tried it counter clockwise once and didn't like it as much!)

Here is a picture of what we did this day:

Still more we could explore. After turning right across the railroad tracks, there is also a trail that goes off to the left.