Saturday, July 25, 2015

J&J get hitched!

The kiss!

Aunt Jillian's got her hands full with all these nieces & nephews! (3 not pictured.) Honestly though, she's an awesome Aunt and does a LOT of cool things with the kids! 

My dad, Jeremy's dad, and our two sons. (Jeremy was doing this while we were here. He would have liked to have been at the wedding, but when one can't be at a wedding, they run for 24 hours.)

Officiator, Wife Who Gave Birth to 5 Awesome Individuals (hey, just like my mom!), and the One Who Wrote the Book on Awesomeness.

(It's getting late and I'm getting silly.)

Jessica is like, one of the toughest chicks I have ever met. Probably the most. She did accidently give me a bloody nose once, while wrestling in the mud at camp. 

So... it brought the feelings to see her teary eyed on this special day. I am so happy for her & Joe! 

If she ever reads the above sentence, she'll probably punch me next time I see her, haha. 

I couldn't really get enough of the boys in their ties, and neither could they! They loved them! And they girls looked so pretty. A mother's love for her kids. Thank You, Lord! And thanks for the gene collaboration, Jeremy. Word. 

I. Had. No. Idea. (That Kansas could look like this.) The hills I took the van on to get to the reception--felt like I wasn't in Kansas anymore! Possibly need to spend more time exploring Eastern Kansas. My parents were driving behind me, and I stopped to take a few pictures. They were probably wondering what I was doing...  and I thought Joy and her crew were behind them--turns out it was someone else in an almost identical van, my bad!! 

Kids see a playground, and they run to it. Truth. Have you ever seen a kid meander or saunter over to a play structure? I dare you to ponder that question. 

Crew on a swing. Is there a How to Get Kids to Look at the Same Time for Dummies book out there? Because if so, I need to read it. Or maybe browse through some photography blogs for tips. Still cute though. Candid moments in the life of the J4 crew. 

This dove shaped pool looked cool. 100 degree day, yo.

Ohmigosh, love this pic. So many captions come to mind. Boys inside, dreaming of outside.

Blake looks like he's about to pounce; don't remember what happened next. 

Workers getting to work.


The pic above, so great. I really, really like it.

Shoes come off for the real job.

Construction imagination. 

So many great things in this pic! The bride, of course; cross on the hill, patriotic element. American Wedding. 

Ring pops! I think the kids were thinking--best wedding ever. These, the fun outdoorage, the yummy food and CAKE (that cake was AMAZING), getting to blow bubbles inside. 

Now that I think about it though, this may have been their first wedding. Only Jeremy & I went to E&P's, and we missed Charles & Carrie's since Blake was born just a month before. Can't think of any others. The bar has been set for them. 

Tradition, started at E&P's. 

Getting an outdoor pose together!

Next two by Ada. Just now, photos by Deb popped into my head. And I do have a llama spitting story coming up on this thread. (Future post, but thread rhymed.)

I think I had just announced it was time to go. You can tell his body language is all like: Playground!! I don't want to leave youuuu! See the fingers slowly coming off the bench. The drama is about to go down.

I can't take my mind off the park.. it's right there, and I want to run back to it, and do all the things...

We were parked not too far away, let's say, a 100 yard dash distance. He melted into the ground. That's what happens when a nap is skipped, and I was thankful he held on till the end. Almost. I picked him up and he was using his lung power. We walked past the groomsmen filling J&J's vehicle with balloons, and one of them walked over and blew up a balloon for B. Nice! 

Really thankful I got to see Joe & Jessica tie the knot, and my FIL did a great job officiating--a solid wedding. And it was fun to see some old friends there too! I didn't really circulate or try to, as I wanted to keep an eye on the boys, but it was good to say hi and see them again for sure. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

4 Brothers

As I was growing up, brothers kept showing up on the scene. 

It's cool, as I got my own room most of my growing up years. 

Hayley would love that right now!

Parenting tip: It is easier to give, than to take away. Unless it comes to chores. 

Here's Daniel w/his friend/bro friend, Derek. We've known Derek since forever--he grew up next to our Grandma! Joined in on our games outside quite a bit. He & Daniel are both into cars and aren't afraid to try crazy things, so they were fast friends. 

Thanks to Monica for the pic! I love getting pictures with my bros. I always seem to be getting shorter, haha. Love these guys, and I know I don't tell them that enough. 

Elijah is full on into motorcycle riding these days.

My baby brother is headed off to college this fall! Love playing racquetball with this guy. The only thing that happens though is that sometimes my mind is tricked into thinking I have a longer arm than I do... jk, kinda! He has really improved his racquetball game, and on average, he wins most of the time (I take a win every now and then), but man, can we get into some good volleys! Love that! 

Back to Daniel...

There's this girl, named Monica...

And they're in love...

Two pence for a picture:

Did you get it? 

Charles & Carrie have been married for three years now, my how the time has gone by! 

All my brothers are adults now, and I'm like the super old one. It's cool though. 

Thanks parents, for having all of us! Siblings are great! 

(This would not have been uttered in the deepest times of sibling warfare, mind you. But now, we're good.)

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sirens & Parkage

The city had this thing set up where you arrive at this park at a certain time on a certain day, and there would be service vehicles you could explore. Went with my parents, and met up with Joy and her kids. My parents and Joy had both independently planned on going, so that was cool! A lot of parents and kids showed up, more than is pictured. 

Big swinging fans. I lost track of how long I pushed Q, but I'm thinking at least half an hour. It was cool! 


Love this pic! Jumping onto the scene.

What's up, S!

Cute Q.

Doing their posing thing.

7 of the best cousin shots; I had more. They're just so cute! 

I've always wondered--who does that with shoes?!

Hot Stuff H. 

Q! Remember Q from Star Trek? Random and not related, but just popped into my head.

Lining up for Mom/Aunt Joanne's obstacle race. 

Super Mom!