Friday, March 27, 2015

Kitchen Pearly Drop

It fell out in the kitchen midmorning. No blood, no fuss. That was easy!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

S man's tooth.

I think I may have documented on here back in the day about how Seth tried to chew rocks as a young kid, which chipped up his two front teeth a little bit. Along with falling and hitting them a few times, they're not in the best of shape. One is even a little gray. He's been to the dentist, it's fine, baby teeth.

Today he was climbing the fake rock wall one more time on the big playground at school as we were getting ready to walk home (We had stayed like an hour after school today to play with friends, good time, I got to talk with a friend too!), and he fell and hit one of his front teeth on a handheld. Bled a bit, really wiggly. Ouch.

If Hayley hadn't knocked her front tooth out when she was 2, I probably would have been more concerned about it. Not worried about it. It'll probably fall out earlier.

End of story.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Random, because I like random. It's like a spice of life.

I was reading to Seth all the good stuff pistachios have in them for you, and after potassium, Seth said, "That's like potatoes." I asked, "You mean the word?" S: "Ya." Blake pipes up and says, "Potatoes. That a good name!"

Blake, the commenter on all things life. 

Yesterday in the van on the way home from church, Ada said she might buy flowers with her own money for a certain neighbor, because she's a good neighbor. Blake: "I a good neighbor!"

That kid. 

On Saturday Ada randomly (in the van, thoughts come out I guess) voiced that she'd like to become a doctor, so she could help people. I told her I thought she'd make a good doctor. Then I said something about how you have to go to school for a long time to become a doctor. Ada: "I know". 

She had her well check today. Broke 4 feet, and is 55lb. I realize this was like 2.5 months late, but apparently I didn't take her until March last year, and the insurance company likes to have well visits at the year or over mark. Whatevs. 

The boys like going to Dr. appointments--they get to play with the toy thing in the waiting room, and they get a sucker and sticker when the appt. is done, even if it wasn't for them! They even got stuff at the dentist office when it was for the girls too. 

On dentist appointments, I've decided that in the 3 to 4 year range is a good time for the first check. I made the mistake with Ada of letting them check her when she was around 1; let's just say that didn't go well for anyone. No idea why they encourage babies to get lap check ups, what is the point! If you're feeding your child well and they have good teeth, nothing to worry about. 

Seth did great at his first one, because he was old enough to understand what was going on. 

Potty training advice (I know every kid is different): girls wait until they're at least 2, boys 3. Kids don't get married in diapers. They don't go to high school or middle school, or even grade school in diapers. Do not fear, this too shall pass, and they will learn. 

Being a parent: you never stop learning, and you don't get cemented in your ways. You flex with the ages and situations, and pray for God to help you and change you. No perfect parents out there! 

Jeremy ran 108 miles from 8am Saturday to 11am Sunday. 

If your mind has a hard time wrapping around that, you're not alone. 

He's a stud. 

Oh, have I ever mentioned the usefulness in having a running husband? I told Toshi & Sachin this on the way to pick up Jeremy at Big Basin. When the van has needed work done on it in the past, Jeremy has driven it to the place, run home, then run back to pick it up. Handy. Or footy, should I say. 

Hayley is probably going to run 6 miles in a 50k relay with her Uncle Ben, Aunt Joy, and myself this summer. I say "probably" because we haven't officially signed up yet. But the 4 of us want to do it, so I don't see why we won't. It's going to be awesome! 

She has run that far with me before in the hills, so flat shouldn't be a problem. Plus, that kid is running more than me right now with her running club at school. Mom's been..... not running. Gotta get signed up for stuff; helps to have a goal on the horizon! Excuses are like armpits; we all have 2 and they both stink! (I got that from Jeremy.) 

Aunt Pat: Sees dark chocolate truffles. Just a random note to myself. Feel free to include your favorite chocolate in the comment section.

I just realized that someday Ada (and/or Hayley for that matter) might not care for me to post their weight on here. Took me back to sophomore year of high school; we were all getting weighed in front of everyone in conditioning class, before the state weightlifting meet. I didn't care about my number, but it was kind of embarrassing having to stand in front of everyone. One of the teachers called out, "130", and another teacher looked at me and said, "really, that's it?" I felt like I should be offended, lol, but I totally wasn't. It was an odd moment. Not sure if he said that because I have junk in the trunk, or because I wore a little bit baggy clothes. Dude, I won first in hang clean for my weight class.

Now, 6 pregnancies, 5 births, 4 kids later, I've been sitting at 160 for awhile, and I'd like to get rid of 20. Losing weight is hard! Not that I'm seriously trying right now or anything. But it doesn't just disappear. Bummer.

Funny that I wrote this after chocolate. Everyone needs chocolate, please don't get all subconscious on me. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Procrastination Blogging.

I am really loving this stage with the boys right now! They are a lot of fun.

Blake likes to pretend he is a ninja. I've "ninja-fighted" with him a couple of times, but he gets tired of it because I'm bigger and I knock him down.

Which reminds me--did I ever tell the story of when Blake ran into my butt at school and fell over? I think I did. That was so funny! Big mama is not easy to move, haha.

The boys like to wrestle, so I do that with them sometimes, it's cool. Jeremy and I are both physical with the kids, so ........ where was I going with that. The family that plays together stays together? No, we decided on a hike one time that it's the family that suffers together that stays together. Or at least hikes together, something like that.

Today the boys and I ended up at McClellan Ranch totally because we were driving by. We were going to Rancho to hike, and driving a different route than normal, and I had totally forgotten about this place, so we pulled in. There is a paved path to a playground and such, so I was going to surprise them.

But then, after a young goat's frantic baaing, they found a small dirt path off to the side that had to be explored, and it turned into a nice nature trail. With bonus water play in a stream, a most excellent score for them, and a nice relaxing time for me.

Didn't even mention the playground; who needs one when you have water, sticks, leaves, and rocks? I'll save it for another time.

The other funny thing about Blake right now is that he's been getting freaked out by becoming tired. Saturday we had Jeremy and Toshi & Sachin in the van along with the boys (girls were with good friends), and Blake started freaking out. I asked him what was wrong (becoming a little concerned because this wasn't normal), and he exclaimed that he was tired. So we told him to close his eyes and lay his head to the side. He said ok, he followed directions, and he was down for another nap.

Saturday was an interesting day, I hope Jeremy blogs about it. When one lays on the side of a windy forest road for just under two hours, they should blog about that. Just sayin.

Ok, maybe it's the Blake stage I am really enjoying. Seth totally too, but I really like two year olds! They're funny. And maybe especially Blake right now because he's our last. And also our most vocal two year old (I realize he'll be 3 in a couple of months), and it's kinda trippy getting a peek into the head of a two year old. (Like freaking out about getting tired.) (It happened again last night on the way home from church.)

Seth has definitely had a growth spurt, as most of his 4 jeans are looking short! Amazing how that happens. Seth opens up a lot more when we go out into nature. As Jeremy and I have noticed, he "narrates" the experience.

Seth has this year become more interested in the goings on of the kitchen. He's stirred a few things for me, or he'll come in to sit and watch.

All of our kids like to build. Legos, tinker toys, magic brix/bristle blocks, k'nex, blocks. All about those blocks, 'bout those blocks, no tumble.

Jeremy made amazing things with Legos as a child. I liked to build with them as well, but I wasn't a  prodigy child like him.

Ada is enjoying K most days, and Hayley too with 3rd grade. It's amazing to see the transformation of personal awareness in 3rd grade.

Ada is our empathetic, outgoing, friendly to everyone child. Blake seems like he is on that path too.

Hayley and Seth are more introspective, you have to draw out their feelings on things. (Like their parents!)

Both sets are built differently too; Jeremy and I have had some nature vs. nurture convos. Genes are powerful things. Especially when the right pair fits just so. That had a hint of Johnson humor to it.

Speaking of humor. At Christmas time, I don't know what got into me (yes I do, I revert to some teenage behavior when I'm at my parents' house), but I wanted to differentiate my humor from my dad's. Until I made a joke that was so obviously like my dad's, that the fact couldn't be refuted. (It's hard for people to get our humor, by the way. We're an elite group.)

I am not sure what drives kids to want to be different than their parents, but the struggle is real.

Totally convicted one time when I was listening to Steve Price on, and he was saying how when kids grow up and get married, they should not talk to their parents about how they plan to or are doing things differently (GUILTY), as it serves zero purpose. Right on, Mr. Price, I am not too old to change my ways. Back to the ways my parents do things, haha.

Seriously though, some days I am like, wow, I have turned into my mother. Good ways, mind you. I only took the good from each parent. (Not really, but I like to stay positive.) I remember her listening to preachers on the radio back in the day, and I thought, how boring when one could listen to music! Well, I now do that times 10, with the availability of the internet.

I tell you, there is nothing that helps getting through three hours of dishes like listening to part of someone's week long conference.

If you have never had three hours of dishes worth on your counter, well, , , good for you. Don't be like me and bake and cook until you have nothing left. When stuff is all clean, I'm all up in my kitchen! Can't help myself.

We have a great dishwasher, really amazing.

In fact, I should go switch it on.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

5.8 miles at Rancho; another throwback to hair.

Jan. 22nd, a run at Rancho. Here's what I wrote on Strava:
"We start off, and there are a couple of women that are starting out at the same time. They take off jogging ahead of me. Then start walking. I pass them. Same thing again. They jog past me and walk in front of me, so I passed them again. They passed me again, and I was like, I am not dealing with this all the way to the farm, I just cannot. Detour gave me some extra mileage. Out at the turnaround point at halfway, I chatted with a guy my dad's age about kids and parenthood. He has one daughter, 35. He said his wife told him that if he wanted any more kids he was going to have to get a new wife. He stuck with her, good man. He told me some days kids make you want to strangle the sh*t out of them, and other days they melt you in a puddle. He told me to enjoy these days as they go by fast! Cool guy. Checked out the farm of course with the boys, and then guess who we ran across on the way back--those two. I made a quick pass and didn't look back, and thankfully that was the end of that! Tired at the end for sure. Happy with the mileage I got in today, it was tough at times. Mostly on the way out when the grade is uphill."

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Throwback to Jan. & hair.

Jan. 24th, the whole family went to Skyline for a hike/run. Jeremy hiked with the younger three to the pond and back, while Hayley and I ran farther to do a loop at Russian Ridge and back. Very cool--we finished at the same time! 

Here are pictures that Jeremy took from their hike: 

Hayley and I had a good run together; I really enjoy running with her! My only regret was the shorts I chose to wear. 5" compression shorts that were riding up the entire time and so I was tugging them down the whole time. They lost their chance to ever leave the house again. Unless it's in a donation bag. I'm giving them one more chance at pilates or tae-bo. Last year I had worn them on a really long flat run. They had ridden up some, but I felt like after I got sweaty they stayed in place better. Plus I was running behind the jogging stroller and hardly anyone was out. Running up and down hills they seemed so much worse. Live and learn, as they say. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

6 (!) miles with the boys at Rancho.

First off, it's my MIL's birthday today, so I want to wish Mom Johnson a Happy Birthday!

Took the boys on a hike today at Rancho, as I haven't taken them hiking there yet! We've been on the flat path countless times to the farm. Actually, they have been hiking there before when we've gone as a family, but they probably don't remember. First time for mom & sons hike here, how about that. 

Equestrian parking lot was full, so we parked in the RC aircraft lot. They started off with lots of energy.

First sighting of water:

They climbed a few trees on the hike. Pretended they were aircraft or a vehicle of some kind. Imaginations were fully engaged on this hike. 

I forgot the farm is closed on Mondays, but you can see most of it from the main path, so they still got to enjoy seeing the animals. 

Heading back out to the trails.

After one of our last hikes, I was looking through the hiking pictures with Blake, and he started asking where I was. So on this hike, I made sure to set the timer when I remembered, and got myself in a pic! 

It wouldn't be a normal boy hike if they didn't pick up sticks at some point. Today their sticks became guns and construction tools. They were drilling locks or something like that in the next pic.

I let them have their playtime along the way, and took some scenic shots. I realized when I moved on a little bit they would follow and pick up their game a little farther on up the hill. We yo-yoed like that for a bit on the climb up the High Meadow Trail. 

Lots of deer out on this nice day! It is still, after 9 years, weird to me that the deer feel comfortable this close to people. 

Made it to the scenic spot! A place for Mom to sit--and look, it's even engraved!

Time for some downhill.

Matching little owies from falls. Yes, Blake has big hands. 

They were so excited to find this car!!

Also excited about this grove of trees to play in right next to the car. One of them became a pirate ship. 

This trail follows the stream and is very scenic; one of Jeremy & I's favorites at Rancho! 

They said it was cold. 

They like climbing. 

We had about a mile left at this point, and I decided to carry Blake for .81 of it--because we were running out of time to get home to pick up the girls from school! We just made it.